Cam’ron is already prepping a response to Mase’s “The Oracle,” a diss track that calls out his fame, his industry practices behind the scenes, possible incest, and more through scathing shots.

Cam shared a snippet of his record over some production by The Heatmakerz. He raps, “It's time to get the facts across/Somebody pissed the pastor off.” And then adds, “You done opened up the door / I'm petty, ready for war / I ain't got a sister only sister I fucked was yours.”

Though he didn’t give an exact date of when this will come out, he did announce that he’ll be dropping another project. The Program 2 is set for Jan. 1, which in all likelihood will feature his Mase diss.

In a second Instagram video, Cam double downs on his claims that Mase’s time as a pastor wasn’t authentic. He has stated before that Mase became a pastor to get away from the street life and avoid situational encounters that could lead him into trouble. This time, he believes Mase was a false teacher, using religion and his celebrity to get people to invest in him.

In an annotation on Genius, Mase defended his choice to leave a high point in his music career to become a pastor.

“All I did was go from the hottest part of my time of life and chose to use that to help inner-city youth. You may call that church, but that’s helping the inner-city, that’s helping families,” he wrote. “I don’t see nothin' wrong with that. I don’t think nobody intelligent will see anything wrong with taking your strengths and using it to help people. That’s really not a weakness. It’s called charity.”

You can watch the full video Cam is referencing below.