Tay-K, the Dallas-area rapper who garnered a hit song with "The Race" while on the run from a murder charge, is in the headlines again. 

In addition to the murder charge the 17-year-old is currently facing, stemming from a 2016 home invasion, he has been charged with another murder that he is accused of committing in San Antonio while on the lam.

The San Antonio murder case was first reported on this past June, but on Thursday morning MySanAntonio.com published a story with previously-unknown details. They obtained a police report saying that the shooting took place April 23 of this year at a Chick-fil-A. The victim was identified as 23-year-old Mark Anthony Saldivar.

Witnesses saw three people fighting in the back of an SUV, including Saldivar. Then someone sitting in the front seat pointed a gun at Saldivar, who exited the car while yelling for help. The driver attempted to run Saldivar over, but he managed to hold on and jumped on top of the vehicle as it pulled into the restaurant parking lot. From there, one of the people in the car shot Saldivar, and the SUV drove away. Tay-K, whose real name is Tayvon McIntyre, has been identified as one of the car's passengers.

Complex reached out to Tay-K's lawyer James McMillan about the San Antonio case, but he had no comment. The San Antonio police did not immediately respond to Complex's request for more information.

Tay-K is currently facing capital murder charges for the 2016 home invasion case, and will be tried as an adult