When it comes to Jennifer Lopez dating Alex Rodriguez, Chris Brown does not appear to give AF. That's the only conclusion one could come to after these kind of weird comments (uh, feel free to note those physical mannerisms) he made on The Angie Martinez Show on Monday.

"I’m just letting her know—hey, look, I might have just stiffened up a little bit back at the little show because it was a lot of people back there, and I was nervous," he said about an apparent awkward encounter the two shared at the TIDAL X Brooklyn benefit concert. "My palms were sweaty. I said, 'Hi.' But, I like you and I want you."

When the two decade age difference between the two was brought up, Brown threw out the following offer "She can get it any time. Seventy years old, I don’t even care." Pretty enticing. He also said "Oh you know what, playboy? My bad," when A-Rod (who's like 6'3"/6'4" 235 lbs., and still looks to be in playing shape) was brought up.

Also, in remarks not in the clip above, he spoke on his professional relationship with J-Lo. "I wrote on her album a couple times," Brown added. "I actually went to the house to write the songs. I’m on straight business focus mode… but you just look at her and be like... You look good! Stop!"

Doubt Rodriguez is too worried here.