It would seem the only time Shad Moss (a.k.a. Bow Wow) makes headlines is when he raises some eyebrows on the internet. Thursday would not be an exception to that rule. Just 72 hours after he incurred mockery by sharing an image Photoshopped by a fan showing him on the Death Row roster (sparking a relaunch of the "Bow Wow Challenge"), he shared some relationship advice that would read like the craziest fucking Dear Abby response you ever heard.

Debuting what he called #KeepItPlayaThursdays, Bow Wow answered the question of whether or not a guy is obligated to feed a woman if she spends the night with him. Very classy. Bow Wow says this came about after a person on social media asked him this question while worrying that if he did buy food the woman might consider it a date. He says people hit him up for relationship advice a lot.

Feel free to be skeptical about those last two sentences.

Not one to disappoint  potentially not real romantic in need of advice, Bow Wow shared his own... wisdom?

"She definitely don't think it was a date," he said. "[S]he came over during booty hours [...] she knew what's up. She probably wanted it more than you did." He then gave some advice that wasn't safe for work (so hopefully you're not there) and ended by saying, "What's $50? Fuck it, what's 150? Get her an Uber if she didn't drive. Make her feel good. Make her feel comfortable. Wow her mind. Give her a good time. Keep her safe. In other words: Dig in your wallet, stop being cheap and feed the bitch."

Watch below for the full spiel:

Responses to the clip had a similar theme we're sure you can spot:

Previously, Bow Wow has claimed there's a scientific method to his social media usage. "I love it because people don't understand the scientific method to my madness," he said this past May (following that whole private jet disaster). "They really don't understand the scientific method to my madness. Number one, I'm about to have the biggest show on We TV. Period. Period. I'm saying that right now."

Honestly, I suppose the simple fact that we're writing about him on an otherwise uneventful Thursday proves there may be something to that. Guess there's an unfortunate but pretty good chance we'll see a #KeepItPlayaThursday part two.