Well, well, well. Here we are, minding our own business in 2017, doing our best to dodge white supremacists and general haters, when out of the blue comes a report that the well-intentioned, but sometimes tone-deaf Justin Timberlake is in talks to perform at the 2018 Super Bowl, per US Magazine.

Justin Timberlake, Super Bowl. Justin Timberlake, Super Bowl... why does this feel so familiar? Oh fucking yeah: dude left Janet Jackson literally hanging out to dry back in 2004, when he accidentally (or who the hell knows?) ripped off a piece of Janet's costume at the halftime show of that year's Super Bowl, exposing her right breast and triggering hella backlash. Fast-forward 13 years and this guy is apparently going to be allowed to grace the big stage again.

According to US Magazine, an "insider" claims Timberlake is "finalizing" the deal. Apparently, there were whispers that Jay Z would be joining Timberlake for the performance, but the highly, highly trusted source insists "as of right now, it will just be Justin—no surprise performers."

Great. Good for you, Justin. Everybody deserves a second chance. But I have just one question: will this offer be extended to Janet anytime soon?

Justin is historically against talking about that fateful Super Bowl performance. When he was asked about it in 2014, he was direct: "I take that I chose not to comment on it still, after 10 years," he said. "I'm not touching that thing with a 10-foot pole."

An unsolicited word of advice: if you don't wanna talk about it, maybe don't put yourself in a position that would bring it up again, especially in such a major way. Whether it's 13 days, 13 months or 13 years...