By his own admission, Gucci Mane is having one of the best years of his life. He has never been in a better place musically, featuring on some of the year's biggest hits and dropping critically-acclaimed music of his own, but he's also crushing it in his personal life.

On Wednesday, Gucci got perhaps the best news he has heard all year: he is officially off probation, free of that burden in his life two years earlier than expected. Thanks to Judge Steve C Jones of Atlanta, Gucci is off-the-hook with the state, according to Fader.

This is quite a surprise, since the charge that got Gucci in trouble in the first place is no joke. Arrested for possessing a firearm as a convicted felon in 2014, Gucci ended up pleading guilty, working out a parole/probation deal after he served time in prison and paid a $5,000 fine. Though Gucci has for all intents and purposes been on his best behavior, ending probation this early is a pretty big step.

Reactions to the news were jubilant, as Gucci fans applauded their guy for being on his best behavior and putting himself in a position to be granted some leniency.

— Infamous (@BakedSaiyann) September 6, 2017

— Musty Bilf (@QNotARapper) September 6, 2017

— Sam Mulvaney (@MulvaneySam) September 6, 2017

— 🌑 (@Mefied) September 6, 2017

Gucci Mane like hip hop's Job or something. It's very dope to see him on the other side.

— Nem_Zero (@Nem_Zero) September 6, 2017

Not everyone was so earnest in their reaction. Free from the peering eye of Johnny Law, many joked that Gucci would be back in the kitchen with the pot soon enough.

The mid about to be back boomin

— . (@RhyanLomax) September 6, 2017

— 🤞🏿 (@ChocolateRillos) September 6, 2017

You already know how the Complex team feels about Gucci winning once again, because he's going to be an integral part of the second annual ComplexCon this year. There has been nothing Gucci can't do this year—he's starred in music videos and outlandish financial guru commercials alike—and hopefully the win streak doesn't end any time soon.

For the sake of the culture and for his own personal benefit, let's all hope Gucci's new approach to life is here to stay. Everyone belt out a few "Brrrrrs!" tonight in his honor.