Some ballsy teenager decided it’d be a good idea to blast XXXTentacion’s music during a church service in Canada. The teen now faces three criminal charges for pulling the stunt.

According to the Brampton Guardian, the disruption took place last Wednesday during evening mass at St. Eugene Mazenod Church in Brampton, Ontario, a suburb of Toronto. Authorities said the 16-year-old walked up to the altar and held his cellphone to the microphone, playing X’s profanity-laced track “Look At Me!” through the church’s PA system.

With lyrics such as, “Bitch, who is your mans?” and “Can't keep my dick in my pants,” it’s no surprise members of the congregation were upset. Some said the incident caused extreme fear, as they were unsure what the young man was going to do after hijacking the microphone. One congregate said he considered the act a religious hate crime; however, authorities said there is no indication of that.

“This event is unprecedented and has shook our community," parishioner Peter Maka told the Guardian.

Shortly after he began playing “Look At Me!,” the teen was apprehended by three church members and was held until authorities arrived. The young man is now facing charges of mischief to religious property, disturbing a religious service, and breach of recognizance.