Justin Bieber called out a paparazzi photographer for being "really, really mean."

As pointed out by TMZ, the 23-year-old singer stopped a paparazzo in Malibu on Monday and confronted him about an encounter they had last month, when Justin was filmed hitting another photographer with his truck

"Why were you so mean that day of the crash?" Justin asked the man from his car. "You were yelling such profanity. It was really, really mean. I was just wondering why you would say that."

The photographer apologized and explained it was an emotional reaction to seeing "his good friend" being hit by a car. Justin said the use of profanity didn’t help the situation, and that the man should’ve assisted his friend rather than saying "mean stuff."

"If that was your friend, you would have been on the ground helping him," Justin said.

The photographer ended the conversation with some good ol’ fashion—possibly passive aggressive—ass-kissing. You can check the video out above. Justin recently released the new ​BloodPop produced track "Friends." The song was co-written with Justin Tranter and Julia Michaels.