If you're a rich and famous star, you should get one thing straight: your DMs are not going to remain private for long. The ease of screenshotting has turned every conversation into fodder for social media, so you better get used to hiding your thirst.

Unless your name is Justin Bieber, I guess. The Biebs is still waltzing through DMs with no fear, and this time he found a rather obscure target to set his sights on.

Jessica Gober, a 22-year-old employee at Fitness on Broughton in Savannah, Georgia, has been tasked with increasing the social media presence for her employer. That directive led to this boomerang, with Gober modeling an energy drink for the page:

At the time, the gym only had 73 followers on Instagram, but somehow, someway, the page attracted a very famous follower with the post. After spotting Gober on their page, Biebs did what any fired up young man does when a thirst trap is thrown in front of them: he fell right into it, reaching out through the generic gym page to holler at Gober. She documented the exchange on her Twitter page, sharing the receipts of Bieber's interest.

justin bieber is thirsty
Image via Instagram

I'm all for shooting your shot, but I have a lot of questions about how/why Bieber was trolling through a page for a Savannah gym with minimal social media presence. Best believe that if this was any old person off the street thirsting after random gym employees, they'd get hit with the "creepy" tag and shunned by the public.

In any case, the reactions were mixed to Bieber's attempt to get with Gober. The Bieber hive was out in full force, shaming her for sharing the exchange or condemning her for not trying to finesse some cash out of the superstar.

But outside of the Bieber fanatics, Gober has plenty of supporters, and you knew people were going to come out and roast the Biebs for this one.

And bless little Bieber's thirsty-ass heart, because he inspired a wave of copycats with his DM slide heard 'round the world. Fans of Bieber's decided they'd join in on the fun, mocking the DM to Gober in messages sent to him personally.

Though the pile-on will continue, Gober has actually stuck up for Bieber in interviews conducted since the DMs went viral. She insisted Bieber never went over the line, and says the gym actually reached back out to him at some point over the last few days.

"We didn't think Justin Bieber was being creepy, the gym did respond to him on Instagram," Gober told Buzzfeed. "I don't think he had any inappropriate intentions by simply asking who I was."

And hey, the gym now has over 1600 followers on Instagram, so Bieber indirectly helped them get the publicity they were searching for. No harm, no foul.