UPDATED 8/21/17 11:25 a.m. PT: Eric Andre added more context to his comments Monday morning, noting that it's "no longer acceptable to stay quiet" about bigotry and injustice now that an "incompetent psychopath" is running the country. Check Andre's latest remarks below:

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When people hear the name Eric Andre, they're usually thinking about his work in the comedy world, and not what he thinks about hip hop's responsibility to promote certain messages. But Andre is quite at home talking rap music, and has regularly invited rappers like ASAP Rocky and T.I. to be guests on The Eric Andre Show.

So keep that in mind when reading critique he has of some up-and-coming rappers. Andre went on an extended rant on his Twitter account over the weekend, spotlighting what he believes is a disturbing trend in hip-hop. He spotlighted Kodak Black and XXXTentacion specifically as two artists who he regularly saw covered by hip-hop outlets, despite their well-documented issues away from the studio.

As mentioned by Andre, both rappers have a troubled history with violence, particularly against women. XXXTentacion was alleged to have strangled and beat up his pregnant girlfriend in October 2016, a situation that has presented a number of legal complications in the months since. Black has an even bigger rap sheet, having been accused of raping a woman in South Carolina on top of various charges on separate occasions around his home state of Florida.

Andre wasn't done there, and continued to go in on the two for their obvious shortcomings. He pleaded with his followers to treat sexism more seriously, whether it was tied to hip-hop music or not.

After bringing the rant to a close, Andre let his followers know that this sort of commentary wouldn't become a regular thing, and joked about the type of tweets they could expect moving forward.

The rant caught the eye of at least one of the parties in question, and prior to deleting the tweet, XXXTentacion himself responded to Andre, appearing to deny the allegations that have dogged him over the last year.

xxxtentacion eric andre
Image via Twitter/@xxxtentacion


But if he was looking to dispute his problematic reputation with women, XXXTentacion blew that opportunity before he ever responded to Andre's criticism, posting a graphic tweet that he would also delete.

xxxtentacion bad tweets
Image via Twitter/@xxxtentacion

The hip-hop community has shown it can change over time—as the LGBT community has become more accepted, you hear a lot less gay slurs in 2017 than you would have even 10 years ago—and it still needs to reconcile its problematic treatment and views of women. It's something that has plagued the genre for decades, and we need more voices like Andre's to acknowledge the issue and get the ball rolling.