Popular YouTuber and all-around bad person Logan Paul recently landed himself in some hot water over a graphic, and incredibly offensive vlog. The 22-year-old, who currently has over 15 million subscribers, received fierce criticism after he posted a video of him exploring Aokigahara forest in Japan. The forest has received global notoriety after receiving the nickname "Suicide Forest," and Logan Paul can be seen approaching a suicide victim in the now-deleted vlog.

Understandably, the internet had some harsh words for Logan Paul, but it would seem it hasn't had that much of a negative effect on him so far. The Daily Beast reports that his subscriber count has only grown since the video was posted and deleted, gaining 80,000 subscribers in the week that followed.

YouTuber Philip DeFranco was right when he tweeted, "Just remember this... His core audience doesn't give a fuuuuuuck. Unless YouTube does something, this doesn’t hurt him.” YouTube have yet to take any action against Logan Paul, although he has since posted an apology video and announced plans to take a break from vlogging. The apology video, which is monetized, currently has over 32 million views.

The original vlog saw Logan Paul closely examining the victim's dead body, and despite the minimal effort made to blur the body, it made for an incredibly unsettling video. The backlash that followed resulted in the video's removal less than 48 hours later. As YouTuber news site We The Unicorns points out, that wasn't the only offensive thing he got up to while in Japan.

During his recent trip to country, he posted videos that saw him mocking the culture, repeatedly stating, "Japan is all about the respect." Sporting a traditional Japanese yukata and running around Tokyo, the other vlogs are full of even more things to get mad about. Smashing a Game Boy Color and telling a store employee it's "much-o broken-o," while throwing Pokéballs at unsuspecting people walking past, the compilation We The Unicorns put together simply highlights how disrespectful and awful Logan Paul fundamentally is.

Popular video artist Vic Berger also recently put together an edit showing how disgusting his behavior has been, particularly focusing on how him and his friends were laughing after the discovery of the suicide victim.

In Japan, the rate of suicide is considerably higher than the majority of other countries. The leading cause of death for Japanese men aged between 20 and 44 is suicide, with 15,017 men and 6,747 women taking their lives in 2016 alone. Aokigahara is a common site for suicides, and police often patrol the site looking for individuals looking to end their lives. In 2010, there were 247 suicide attempts in the forest, 54 of which were fatal.