It's been about two full calendar years since we got introduced to Florida's own Malachi Love-Robinson, who at 18 years of age he posed as a fake doctor running a fake af clinic (the "New Birth New Life Alternative Medicine and Urgent Care Clinic") without a license. At the time, he was arrested after an officer posed as a patient looking for his, ahem, medical advice, and all "Dr. Love" had to say was that he was "hurt" by the allegations.

That summer, "Dr. Love" got caught up again, this time for writing bullshit checks and grand theft. He was writing bogus checks (including a $1,500 check to a West Palm Nissan) and facing 20 years for the new charges, which were nothing compared to the 70 years (!) he was facing for his charges for practicing medicine without a license.

Two months later, the then-19-year-old Love-Robinson got busted for trying to scam a whip. He rolled in with a 73-year-old woman (who he claimed was his mother) to a dealership about a Jaguar he called about previously. When he found out that was sold, he inquired about a Lexus, which he said should be easy to cop considering he was making $140,000 a year. Of course he got caught up in his web of lies with the woman who wasn't his mother, or related to him, who didn't even know he was trying to use her to scam this whip.

Anyways, news hit the wire Friday that the now-20-year-old "Dr. Love" cut a deal on the 14 criminal charges he was facing. Love-Robinson admitted to being full of shit when it comes to his doctor con, and in exchange received a three-and-a-half year sentence, as well as having to pay back the $80,000 he owed his victims. He did receive credit for the 16 months in prison he's already served. Love-Robinson also won't be on probation once his sentence ends.

From a possible 90-year sentence to a cool three-and-a-half? Hopefully "Dr. Love" has learned his lesson.