With HOLIDAY SZN upon us, you're either in the market for a new smartphone or know someone who needs a new one. That means copping the iPhone 8 or, if you're daring, the iPhone X. For some of you, that means you'll be glowing up to the wonders of iOS 11, or for the few of you out there who are ditching Android for an Apple device, this could be the first time you encounter the world of wonders that can be owning an iPhone.

Back when iOS 11 first debuted, we pointed out some of the beautiful new features contained in the brand-spanking new operating system. Rocking Animoji is some of the coolest shit you can do when hollering at your friends, but truth be told, there's a lot under the hood that you might not be aware of, and with a couple of tweaks, you can really turn your smartphone into a device that's tailor-made for your digital life. Happy digital life cuts down on IRL strife, trust. Here's a collection of stupid easy iPhone hacks to make your time with your device even more amazing.

Make your music LOUDER

No, we aren't talking about getting a better pair of headphones, or using the handy volume button. For some reason, iPhone users haven't been privy to the wonders of the EQ functionality, which adjusts the levels of the different sounds and tones in your music to help certain things stand out better, or ultimately give your music a boost in quality.

Adjusting the equalization on your iPhone is easy af; simply go to Settings, then click Music, then select EQ. There, you'll see a number of different settings, from "Bass Boost" (which does exactly what it says it would) to selections based on genre, from hip-hop to rock. It might take some trial and error to get the right mix for your preferred listening enjoyment, but it's a simple way to make your music louder and sounding better, without the need for fancy headphones.

Charge your phone faster

You ever been down to the wire on battery life with a limited amount of time to get it charged? One way to help get your iPhone to charge faster is to put that bad boy in Airplane Mode. We're not talking about lightning fast charging, but by knocking the connection to the internet, your phone is doing less, which surprisingly makes charging it easier and faster. Try charging your phone in Flight Safe mode for a half hour and notice the improvement.

Taking photos without touching your phone

Back in the day, taking photos involved setting up the camera, then pressing a button on a wired controller to take the photo. The iPhone lowkey has that option as well, but it involved a pair of headphones. You know, instead of hitting the on-screen prompts, you can take a photo by using the iPhones volume button? Well, with a connected headphone set, you can get the same functionality by hitting the volume control on the headset. That means you can get a handy tri-pod, set your phone up on it, and get mad creative with the squad photos.

Feel the (custom) vibrations

In a world where most people have their phones on Vibrate mode, it's hard to tell which person is messaging you. You might miss out on bae's "U UP?" text if you assume it's just that annoying kid in Sociology, amirite? For those of you who want to make sure they don't miss any "WYD" messages, you might want to adjust the vibration for your different contacts. Simply find the contact, and hit Edit. In that menu, you'll see a Vibration option; select that, and you will see an array of different vibrations you can assign that special someone. You can even tap Custom Vibration and hook up your own ditty. Now you'll always know when bae wants to know if you're up.

Get Siri to order your Uber

Smartphones should make your life that much easier, right? Instead of opening the Uber app every time you want to get an Uber home (especially when you're a little too tipsy to find the app on your screen), just ask Siri to get your Uber. She will take care of the rest, asking you to confirm if you want to take a particular ride or not.

The Hard Reset

Sometimes, closing apps isn't enough; if your phone isn't working the way it needs to, the best bet is to perform a Hard Reset. If you own an iPhone X, though, know that the Hard Rest process has changed. What you do now is:

  • Press the Volume Up button, then release
  • Press the Volume Down button, then release
  • Press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears

Sometimes, it's just that easy to get your phone running like new again.