By his own account, Donald Trump has some “important meetings and calls scheduled for today.” That didn’t stop him from getting off his morning tweets—including one that included his love of golf and insulting Hillary Clinton.

Early Sunday, Trump retweeted an animated GIF of himself hitting a golf ball that then strikes Hillary Clinton, knocking her down as she boards a plane. As memes go, it’s a pretty standard blend of two totally unrelated events with a golf ball superimposed over Clinton. Perhaps to no one’s surprise, the original meme came from a Twitter user who has previously made transphobic and anti-Semetic posts.

Given that Trump has demanded an apology from ESPN in response to Jemele Hill for calling him a white supremacist and a bigot, Twitter naturally had something to say about Trump retweeting a post from a user who at least appears to sympathize with bigotry and anti-Semitism.

In case you were wondering about the Trump fan who originally posted the Hillary meme, here are a few of his previous tweets.

Nothing says “Make America Great Again” like shooting off an early morning retweet from a guy who has previously dropped all kinds of racist and homophobic tweets on his feed, right?