Forget about the iPhone 7. Get it out of your head. If the latest leak holds true for Tuesday's big unveiling, Apple is skipping an update of its 7 model entirely. Instead, according to a frequently cited iOS developer, Apple will announce the expected iPhone 8 and a special iPhone X model.

Steven Troughton-Smith has been making his way through the latest leaked firmware, finding signs that Apple will forego the usual S approach (i.e. iPhone 7S, etc.) in favor of introducing the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. To mark the groundbreaking device's 10th anniversary, Apple will also, apparently, introduce the iPhone X. The OLED device has been the focal point of pre-keynote chatter and has previously been given a variety of rumored names, none of which pack quite the same punch as "iPhone X."

Of course, as the Verge and others note, there's still time for Apple to switch all of this up on us before the anniversary iPhone actually hits stores. Multiple reports in recent months have claimed that Apple's OLED device could be delayed. As far back as December 2016, rumors were swirling that Apple may face challenges in finding additional OLED suppliers to alleviate the overwhelming demand for the technology.

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9to5Mac also took a closer look at the latest leak, discovering a variety of potential new features. iPhone users should expect to start being able to utilize fresh features such as Portrait Lighting, True Tone Display (OLED device only), and the previously rumored Face ID. iOS 11, at least according to the leak, will also feature animated emoji (Animoji) and support for what appears to be an updated version of Apple's vaguely controversial AirPods.

If previous price point rumors turn out to be accurate, the iPhone X will only set you back a paltry $1,000.