A Sunday Night Football watch party in Plano, Texas turned tragic over the weekend after a man stormed into a home full of people assembled to watch the Cowboys/Giants game and opened fire. Seven people were killed during the assault, and the suspect was killed by police during a standoff a short time later.

The shooter, who has yet to be named, reportedly got into a heated dispute with a woman outside the home, moments before entering it and firing into the assembled crowd. Local residents described the incident to reporters on the scene and suggested there was a short time frame between when the domestic dispute took place and the shooting started.

"The woman was trying to go back in and as she was going back in the house, you seen the man pull out his gun and starting just releasing," one resident said. "He just started letting them go. It was an automatic. You could hear it go off multiple times, you could hear it just ring off."

The Dallas Morning News spoke to a number of neighbors, who said the party had started earlier in the afternoon and continued into the evening, leading up to the Cowboys game on Sunday night. Residents were taken aback by the violence in the suburb just north of Dallas, with one man reportedly doubling over in agony after hearing where the incident took place.

"I'm friends with probably everyone that was in that house," he said.

In addition to the eight deaths that took place at the scene, two people found inside the home were taken to the hospital with injuries, according to Fox 4's Allison Harris. The only solace to be taken from the incident is that it could have been even worse. A group of men who were at the watch party reportedly left shortly before the shooting took place in order to watch the Cowboys/Giants game at a local bar instead.

Public records show that the owners of the home where the shooting took place had filed for divorce in July, though it's unclear if that factored into what took place on Sunday. An investigation into the shooting is ongoing.