In today’s edition of "what in the actual fuck?" news, an Austin, Texas man is on the run from authorities after being charged with indecent exposure for allegedly having sex with a chain link fence. 32-year-old Eliodoro Estala did not show up in court last week to face the charges, which means his initial bail has been forfeited and a warrant has now been issued for his arrest.

According to court documents, a witness saw Estala get sexual with the fence outside his house. According to the NY Daily News, Estala started things off by performing oral sex on his chosen sexual partner by “[putting] his mouth inside the chain link fence and [sticking] his tongue out, moving it up and down.” Afterwards, he just went for it, taking off his clothes and “[sticking] his erected penis into the chain link fence.” Um, at least there was a little bit of foreplay?

When police arrived at the scene, Estala was no longer in the throes of passion and had left the scene of the crime. The Houston Chronicle reports that Estala was walking out of his home “in a drunken stupor” when the cops arrived, and while he denied having committed any sexual acts with the inanimate object surrounding his yard, the police officers recognized him from a photo taken by a witness and subsequently arrested him. 

A bond posted by Estala earlier this year has been forfeited, which you'd expect given his current predicament​.