Cardi B is on another level. She's been shutting it down at her FOMO-inducing live shows, which feature her performing the No. 3 Billboard Hot 100 single "Bodak Yellow." The hit transitioned from underground to mainstream with the quickness, catapulting the Bronx rapper and all-around entertainer to the top of numerous music charts and earning her regular spins at radio stations nationwide. The song is so popular that Cardi even dropped a Spanish version. (Why not? "Despacito" has been killing it on the charts.)

With this much visibility, it was only a matter of time before someone got creative and put their own spin on it. Cue Erica Buddington. The Brooklyn author and arts educator posted a clip to Twitter Thursday that showed her rapping "Bodak Yellow" to her 6th grade Capital Prep Harlem class. (The school was opened by Diddy and renowned educator [and noted enemy of teachers unions] Dr. Steve Perry just last year.) Of course, it came with a twist: she made it all about geography.

For the folks that are asking for the lyrics. Educators we should always share the wealth. #culturallyrelevantteaching

— Erica B. (@ericabuddington) August 25, 2017

She got a stamp of approval from the Money Mover herself.


— iamcardib (@iamcardib) August 25, 2017

According to her website, Erica is the founder of a company called Langston League, which "designs equitable and culturally relevant curriculum, with an emphasis on literacy, for children of color." She's also the Social Justice and History Curriculum Lead at Capital Prep Harlem. On Friday afternoon, she gave an update on the reception of her version of Cardi's banger:

Students received the lyrics yesterday at the end of class. They knew the entire song by this morning.

— Erica B. (@ericabuddington) August 25, 2017

Today during dismissal, the entire school was singing this version.

— Erica B. (@ericabuddington) August 25, 2017

As folks keep saying, "Meet them where they are."

— Erica B. (@ericabuddington) August 25, 2017

I reached out to Erica on Twitter, and she told me this isn't the first time she's flipped a song for education purposes.

"We've used the 'Panda' beat for figurative language," she said via DM. "And we have poems and little verses for little things. 'Panda' was more so them. This was mostly me. We have another for history, modifying 'Mask Off' so they can learn their presidents. Last year, to learn rocks, a science teacher did 'We Will Rock You.' They love it!"

Erica emphasized that these remixes don't always come from just her.

"[My students] say little phrases in class and I put most of the rest of it together," she said. "I helped them write it, but I want it to be about them. They deserve it."

Teachers these days are going above and beyond to connect with their students. Just earlier this year, a Georgia middle school teacher remixed "Bad and Boujee" to recap the Civil War.

OMG my HS friend teaches middle school in atl now and rapped about civil war over migos beat. bad and bougee = mad and losing.😍😍😍😍

— josie duffy rice (@jduffyrice) March 13, 2017

Representation matters, y'all.

As for Cardi B, she's officially on one: she performed at the Mayweather/McGregor weigh-in on Friday.

Y'all, Cardi B made it. Rocking at #MayweatherMcGregor weigh ins.

— Andreas Hale (@AndreasHale) August 25, 2017

May good fortune continue to rain down upon all who recognize "Bodak Yellow" for the blessing it is.