In wake of the deadly white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, this weekend, protesters in Durham, North Carolina took to the streets Monday night demanding the removal of a Confederate statue. 

According to the Herald Sun, more than 100 people participated in the “emergency” protest, which took place outside the old Durham County Courthouse. Video posted on social media shows a group of activists holding picket signs and chanting “No Trump! No KKK! No fascist USA!” before toppling the Confederate Soldiers Monument. The publication reports several activists used a ladder to reach the statue and tie a rope around it to then pull it down. Protesters cheered after the nearly 100-year-old statue was smashed into the ground, with some spitting and kicking it.

“Charlottesville and racist monuments across the country are the result of centuries of white supremacy,” activist Alissa Ellis told the Sun. “But we cannot ignore the fact that the current Trump administration has emboldened more nazis, KKK, and white supremacists to target, brutalize, and kill our communities […] The White House and its elected white supremacists are just as responsible as hooded klansmen and racist vigilantes for what happened. They have blood on their hands.”

The statue, which was dedicated in 1924, depicts a Civil War soldier with the words “In memory of the boys who wore the gray” engraved on the front. It also features a seal that reads, “The Confederate States of America.”