The family of Eric Garner is set to receive almost $4 million in payments from the city of New York, according to new claims from lawyers involved with the case.

After previously approving a $5.9 million settlement in July 2015, the New York Post is reporting that payments are starting to be distributed to pivotal members of Garner's family. His widow, Esaw Snipes, will receive $1.4 million, while Garner's three-year-old daughter, Legacy Jayleen Garner-Miller, will be awarded around $1.3 million.

Attorneys involved with the Garner case expressed their excitement over an increase in the money made available for Garner's daughter.

"I'm very happy that Legacy is going to be getting an increase in funds from that was originally proposed," said Lorraine Coyle, the lawyer representing Garner-Miller. "The big issue is what the attorneys fees are."


When the settlement was first announced back in 2015, New York City Comptroller Scott M. Stringer released a statement about the matter, highlighting the gravity of the Garner case because of its impact on broader sociopolitical discussion.

"We are all familiar with the events that lead to the death of Eric Garner and the extraordinary impact his passing has had on our city and our nation. It forced us to examine the state of race relations, and the relationship between our police force and the people they serve," said Stringer. "I believe that we have reached an agreement that acknowledges the tragic nature of Mr. Garner’s death while balancing my office’s fiscal responsibility to the city."

Other members of the family receiving parts of the settlement include Garner's daughters, Erica and Emerald Snipes ($163,600), their older brother Eric Snipes ($204,000), and their younger brother Emery Snipes ($482,000). Emery Snipes is the only member of this group who is a minor.