What the Hell Is This 'One Thicc Bih' Meme All About?

The "One Thicc Bih" meme has spread like wildfire, for good or ill.

thicc krussy
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thicc krussy

Like many of you, I am a huge fan of the internet, warts and all. It's mostly warts, chock-full of creepypasta and dank memes, but sometimes, the things that go viral are truly surprising. Take this "One Thicc Bih" meme, for example.

The meme, which involves calling characters from cartoons and film "One Thicc Bih" and wanting to see their nether regions. It's all the same tune, and all seemingly having no real reason for being, other than for the LOLs, which can be worth it if you're down for that kind of fuckery.

According to Buzzfeed, this meme was born out of something called Ditty.it, which is an app that's been around since 2015 and was popular in Tumblr circles, allowing users to create a 15-20 second music video of sorts, all set to the same, shitty tune. Users are able to add text, and somehow the app's able to turn that text into a song. It's free, and has found its way to Twitter. As KnowYourMeme tells it, this app was used to create what might be the first "One Thicc Bih" video, which gained traction on Tumblr on May 20th.

Yeah, that's right, this is legit just a picture of Mr. Krabs' ass with the word "pussy" being turned into "krussy" for added punch. It blew up on Tumblr, and a few weeks later, the One Thicc Bih video featuring The Babadook up above was posted. After that, it was the internet's toy, with more Spongebob characters, The Proud Family, the Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon, and some poor tuna sitting in a boat.

So I jumped on the ditty train...someone take my phone away from me please. pic.twitter.com/gWisKLE16d
i hate that i made this omg pic.twitter.com/FuYLNfSK95
THIS TUNA IS ONE THICC BIH pic.twitter.com/p8ASlT5guf

Buzzfeed mentioned that the app hit number one on the iTunes App Store in late May, which was no doubt due to everyone trying to get their Ditty bop on with this meme. Hopefully, now that "One Thicc Bih" has been turned into an actual thing, we'll see how long Ditty.it will stay on the charts.

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