It’s been a long couple of months of buildup, but the Academy Awards having finally come and gone, with a bunch of great wins: The Shape of Water and Guillermo del Toro nabbed Best Picture and Best Director (the fourth time in five years a Mexican director has won, after Alejandro Inarritu and Alfonso Cuaron), Call Me By Your Name took Best Adapted Screenplay (James Ivory is now the oldest person to win an Oscar, and the ninth LGBTQ writer overall to win), and Get Out picked up a historic win for Best Original Screenplay (Jordan Peele is the first black writer to win in this category). Now, the awards season is finally over, leaving new movies to come and establish themselves without the shadow of Oscar hanging over their heads. While Black Panther is thoroughly destroying the box office, approaching a billion dollars worldwide with few signs of slowing down, it faces some stiff competition in the month ahead.

While June used to be the starting point for the summer movie season, the film industry has slowly but surely pushed the starting date earlier and earlier to accommodate the growing cornucopia of big-budget offerings, with March becoming the new launching-pad for the blockbuster season in addition to continuing to house smaller indie fare. This month’s slate of releases is filled to the brim with genuinely exciting films in almost every genre, with four verifiable auteurs - Ava DuVernay, Steven Spielberg, Wes Anderson, and Steven Soderbergh - coming out with new films. There’s irreverent, R-rated dark comedies, visually stunning family-friendly fare, huge-scale CGI action films, and even a psychological thriller shot on an iPhone; truly, there’s something for everyone this month. Here are the best new movies in theaters in March.