Starring: Peter Thiel, Ann Coulter, Ted Nugent, George Zimmerman, Ben Carson, Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump
Synopsis: Looking for an escape from the progressive world, Peter Thiel, playing himself, creates an immersive amusement park filled with true-to-life androids and real-seeming scenarios. The setting is Appalachia, and the park's hosts are devoted to necessitating the wish fulfillment of their guests. In Westvirginiaworld, the guests' fantasies come to life—everything from defunding Planned Parenthood to shooting Bernie Bros. But there's a twist: are the hosts becoming sentient? Will Eric Trump think twice before punching the robot in a "Black Lives Matter" t-shi—LOL, just kidding. 
Excerpt From the New York Times Review: "Whereas HBO's Westworld asks questions of morality, existence, and purpose, Trump TV's Westvirginiaworld forces one to ask their own questions, namely: 'Why?'"