Talent never goes out of style. Trends change, fads come and go, one generation gives way to another, but talent, beauty, and charisma will never be out of fashion.

The new television show Vinyl takes a look back at one of the most storied and revolutionary periods in popular music: the 1970s. Through the eyes of record label president Richie Finestra (Bobby Cannavale), the show gives audiences a front row seat to a time when punk, disco, and hip-hop were first converging on one another, and on the world at large.

In honor of the premiere of this epic new series, Complex and HBO present The Vinyl Collections, a series of video interviews featuring icons of the ’70s engaging in deep cultural discussions with their heirs apparent of today. These incredible pairings include catwalk legend Pat Cleveland and her daughter Anna Cleveland, who is embarking on an already-successful modeling career of her own; writer, editor, Andy Warhol Factory member, and GQ “Style Guy” Glenn O’Brien with musical superstar Twin Shadow; street artist Futura, who helped define New York City’s graffiti art in the 1970s, and pixação writer Pixote, who is helping to do the same today; and, of course, the one and only DJ Red Alert, long regarded as one of the founding fathers of hip-hop music and culture.

You can view every installment of The Vinyl Collections below. As you’ll see, though four decades stand between a lot of these artists, their creativity and passion are a constant, and only seem to get better with age.