A friend of the mass shooters who killed 14 people in San Bernadino, Calif. has been indicted on more terrorism charges, the Los Angeles Times reports. 

Enrique Marquez Jr. was already facing charges for allegedly supplying the guns used in the attack carried out by Farook and his wife, as well as a conspiracy charge for allegedly plotting in 2011 to attack the 91 Freeway during rush hour by throwing pipe bombs into the roadway as well as another plot to bomb a college cafeteria. 

The indictment states that Marquez abandoned his plans to bomb the freeway after another group of men was arrested on unrelated terrorism charges in a nearby California town. 

On Wednesday, prosecutors added charges that Marquez committed marriage fraud, saying that Marquez was paid to marry his wife and lied on immigration documents stating that he was living with his wife when he actually wasn't, and also a second gun charge which alleges that Marquez made false statements while purchasing the weapons.