Director: William Phelps

Surf, sand, and forbidden romance—North Shore, in a nutshell. At first glance, it seems like just another corny ’80s movie, but you’d be remiss to dismiss it. Sitting pretty at an 87 percent fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, the drama tells the story of an Arizona desert native/wave-tank surfing champion (Matt Adler) who leaves the mainland behind for a chance to rebuild his life riding actual waves in Oahu, Hawaii. True to every fish-out-of-water story, he clashes with the territorial locals who doubt his talent, and eventually falls in love with his enemy’s sister (Nia Peeples). The rest you can predict, sure, but the film’s got some street cred to hold it up. Among others, pro surfers Laird Hamilton, Gerry Lopez, and Shaun Thomson also feature in the film.