Fans of the comic book Powers should take a moment to be thankful that the TV series adaptation is being made as a Playstation original series and not for a network, because that means no restrictions on explicit content. 

As this first trailer for the series that Sony premiered at New York Comic Con (above) shows us, the new series is keeping with the same dark, gritty and sometimes seriously warped tone of the Brian Michael Bendis-written comic books. 

Powers stars Sharlto Copley (the crazy, villainous South African guy from District 9 and Elysium) as Christian Walker, a homicide detective working in a unit that specializes in cases involving superpowers. 

We don't see many actual superpowers in the trailer, but we definitely get a taste of the foul-mouthed Walker, and the shadowy world where superpowers are mostly just an excuse to be terrible.  

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