Trolling online can often be a nuisance at best, and outright dangerous at worst. Cyber bullying can be a highly damaging, destructive thing, and is nothing to joke about.

This troll, however, is safely on the "hilarious" side of the equation.

Someone with far too much time on his hands has taken to going online in Grand Theft Auto V, and using his creepily-masked avatar to simply follow other people around while he plays creepy children’s music. It’s incredibly strange, and would be highly unsettling if you were one of his "victims."

For the viewer, however, it’s comedy gold to watch how people react to this guy. Really, the best past is when he goes into “passive mode,” which means you can’t hurt anybody but also cannot be killed. Somebody should help this guy fulfill his destiny and give him his own horror movie franchise.

[via Kotaku]