This reclining airplane seat thing is getting out of hand. Mere days after two passengers decided to throw fists over the obnoxious "Knee Defender," another pair of passengers got in a fight because of a reclined seat. 

On an American Airlines flight Wednesday Edmund Alexandre, a surly old French man, got upset because the woman in front of him exercised her right to recline her seat. Flight attendants tried to calm him down, and when that didn't work a couple of air marshalls pinned him down and gave him the ole handcuffs treatment. Now homeboy is facing charges for interfering with a flight crew. 

With another incident in the news it seems like the reclining seat debate is here to stay. But as long as people can buy tickets for a seat that reclines, they'll never be in the wrong for using their airline-given right to lean back. If you don't like it offer up some money or quit bitchin'. 


[via Gawker]