If news of a woman who lived with her mother's corpse for three years at their Brooklyn apartment doesn't creep you out, then the fact that she slept next to it certainly will.

The New York Post reports that 28-year-old Chava Stirn ate dinner and slept with her mother's bones at the Borough Park apartment they shared, even going as far as to wear the same outfit that Susie Rosenthal, 61, wore when she died. 

This went unnoticed until Monday, when the superintendent went to investigate a leak at the building. Emergency workers were forced to knock the door down when Stirn refused to answer, eventually discovering her appearing "disheveled" and surrounded by piles of trash that were "waist high." Police described her behavior as "erratic" when they attempted to approach her.

Neighbors told the Post that they regularly heard strange sounds coming from the apartment, including screaming. The Post adds that Stirm was taken to Maimonides Medical Center for psychiatric evaluation.

"It’s a scene right out of Psycho," a law enforcement source told the Post.

[via New York Post]

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