Date: 7/15/2014
Location: Corbin, Ky.
Crime: Shoplifting and public intoxication
Ratchet Meter: 7

A man who was taken into custody by police in southern Kentucky apparently tried to get one last "fuck you" in to his arresting officer by ordering pizzas and having them sent to the police station.

The Associated Press reports that Michael Harp, 29, was arrested in Corbin, Ky. on Tuesday, Jul.15 on shoplifting and public intoxication charges. Upon arriving at the police station, Harp asked to make a call on his cell phone, and a shortly after, five pizzas were delivered to the station under the name "Officer Wilson," who arrested him.

Though police traced the call back to Harp, he denied responsibility, claiming that several people had used his phone recently. So, in addition to the shoplifting charges, Harp was accused of impersonating a police officer, theft of identity, and theft by deception.

Harp told WKYT-TV that it was a misunderstanding. "I'm wrongfully accused on this here," he said. "They've charged me with two felonies over this pizza deal because I had my phone inside the holding cell."