Like many of us, you may think your greatest skill is your ability to watch, consider, and criticize TV shows. You always have such good input on what could make a show better, or a killer recommendation for friends.

Good news: Netflix may want to hire you.

The bad news is if you’re reading this and live in the United States of America, you’re already disqualified. Sorry. The job is for someone based in the United Kingdom or Ireland, and the role is called a “Tagger,” and basically all you do is watch a ton of TV shows and help figure out what other related shows people might want to watch.

Basically, it is the greatest job a lazy person could ever hope to attain.

If you think you’ve got what it takes (and can conjure some sort of UK mailing address), you can apply here. Just don’t blame us if you find it difficult subsisting entirely on a diet of potato chips and Diet Coke as you plow through yet another season of Law & Order.

[via Netflix]