Nash Grier, the teenage Vine star with the social network's largest fan-base (8.7 million followers), unfortunately isn't known for having the most progressive of thoughts.

A few months back, Grier posted a six-second video on Vine that showed clips of an AIDS awareness commercial, which featured actors saying testing for HIV isn't a "gay thing," because, oh you know, HIV couldn't care less what sexual orientation you are. Yet Grier ended the video screaming "YES IT IS! FAG!" with a childish smirk at the end. After negative feedback, Grier removed the video. Vine user Munera ripped the video and re-uploaded it this weekend, and it blew up on the social network all over again. This led Grier to release an apology, not in his usual Vine video style, but on Twitter, where he has six million less followers than his Vine account:

Tumblr caught wind of some of his past homophobia from about a year ago:

We're all for someone changing their ways and becoming more accepting of others, but it remains to be seen if his Twitter apology holds any weight. Hopefully he understands now that a word like "fag" shouldn't be thrown around like, say, "asshole," and isn't a laughing matter.