Perhaps you're familiar with Gary Johnson. He was the governor of New Mexico from 1995 until 2003, and after a presidential bid as a Libertarian nominee in 2012 that no one knew about, he's back with a new venture: the booming marijuana industry.

According to the Associated Press, Johnson was named the CEO of Nevada's Cannabis Sativa, Inc. Working from New Mexico, one of Johnson's main initiatives will be growing the company into a prominent business while overseeing the development of marijuana-based products that will be legal in states like Colorado and Washington. 

Johnson, who will be paid $1 a year but have company equity, told the Associated Press that Cannabis Sativa, Inc. will produce oils to aid children suffering from epilepsy, as well as "cough drop-like products" that can be used for recreational purposes. 

"Couple of things hit you when you try the product. One is, wow, why would anybody smoke marijuana given this is an alternative?" he asked the Associated Press, adding "then secondly, it's just very, very pleasant. I mean, very pleasant."

Cannabis Sativa, Inc. is trying to determine how, exactly, to operate under federal law.

[via Associated Press]

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