A Florida man who attacked an alligator that he claimed ate his dog ended up in dire need of assistance after that alligator began acting like an alligator. Luckily, two passing teenagers came along to save him from certain doom. 

Last week, 18-year-old Daniel Butler and 16-year-old Ryan Stromsnes came across Matthew Pope, 29, at the Loyce E. Harpe Park in Mulberry, Fla. When they first saw him, he had the alligator by its snout. The tables quickly turned, as the gator bit his arm and pulled him beneath the water. He emerged "screaming" a few seconds later.

Butler and Stromsnes dashed into the water and grabbed the alligator's tail, eventually scaring it off. They called 911 and used a belt to stop Pope's arm from bleeding. Pope was hospitalized, and, as you probably guessed, most likely does not have a dog. 

Fox 13 in Tampa Bay said his status was unknown as of last week.

[via Gawker and Fox 13]

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