This new Tumblr collects the many times dudes jump the gun and mess up a perfectly good text conversation with a potential mate.

Straight White Boys Texting isn't even about straight white boys, it's about the many guys out there who can't hold a conversation with the opposite sex, and instead give in to their animalistic urges and say shit like this:

Are you kidding me dude? Rookie. 

But there's more.

From the site's description: 

The name of this blog is based off of the phenomenon of the "straight white boy text" aka asking "hey what's your bra size ;)" in the middle of a conversation, or things like "what would you do if you were here haha lol ;)". Basically things that even if you want to sext with the person, they basically completely ruin the mood either because they're not sexy or because (in the case of the second) it pretty much puts all the sexting work on you.

So guys, get the hint. You get what you put in.