PacSun has been spreading the “Golden State of Mind” message for three decades now, and while California is PacSun’s home base, they want you to know that the California mindset can be found throughout the country. Here are ten cities to visit this summer where you will find the creativity, diversity, and optimism that defines the “Golden State of Mind.”

Boston, MA: Whether you’re taking in a ball game or searching for the city’s best lobster roll, you can’t go wrong with Bean Town in the summer. Boston in the summer can even be a place to get your Zen on—with all the college students gone, it’s like you have the place to yourself.

New York, NY: The City That Never Sleeps is constantly evolving and reimagining itself resulting in summertime gems like the West Side’s High Line and the ever-expanding Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Nashville, TN: Nashville is known as Music City, not Country Music City, and you will be surprised by the wide-ranging and diverse musical tastes to be found throughout the Tennessee state capital (and you might even find out you like country music).

Miami, FL: Blending the high life with a plain, old-fashioned good time, Miami is the summer destination with something for everyone. When you’re not at the beach, be sure to check out all the art, architecture, and fashion that Miami has to offer.

Chicago, IL: There may only be 100 days of summer in Chicago, but the shores of Lake Michigan have enough excitement to make it count. If you’re there, be sure to check out summer cultural happenings like outdoor concerts and art exhibits.

Austin, TX: If you like heat—both in the air and in cuisine—then swing through Austin this summer. Steeped in diversity, Austin boasts cutting edge music, dining and nightlife scenes, proving even a land-locked city can have the Golden State of Mind.

Los Angeles, CA: The birthplace of the Golden State of Mind (unless you’re talking to someone from Nor Cal) Los Angeles has everything from surfing to hiking to stargazing—of both the fanboy and astronomical varieties.

San Francisco, CA: Setting the So Cal/Nor Cal rivalry aside, San Francisco is one of the great destination cities in the world. With culture, cuisine, creativity and coastline all jam-packed into less than 50 square miles, San Francisco is the urban explorer’s playground.

Portland, OR: If you want a summer experience that doesn’t involve the constant slathering of sunscreen, try a visit to the majestic Pacific Northwest. Portland is one of America’s progressive cultural hotspots while remaining remarkably temperate throughout the year.

Seattle, WA: Heading further up Interstate 5, you reach Seattle, WA, home of some of the country’s most innovative minds of the past quarter century. Whether you’re into grunge music, coffee culture, or revolutionary operating systems you will find the Emerald City a source of inspiration.