Lena Dunham is not shy about pushing the limits of performance art, and her lip-synching interpretive dance last night on Late Night With Seth Meyers is just the latest in a long list of her bizarre moments in acting.

Her performance of Sia’s hit Chandelier was certainly quite…interesting.

Really, there’s a lot to unpack here. An anguished Dunham spinning in circles and basically kicking everything over (are we crazy, or was that an homage to Footlose at the 1:01 mark?), the toilet paper roll casually up on the top bunk, the person twitching face down on the bed, Dunham’s angry stomping on the cutout, and of course her mounting the person on the top bunk and then spooning him/her (is that Sia?).

While there are probably a number of ways to interpret all that, we’re just going to say that maybe Dunham should stick to acting and leave the dancing for the professionals.

[via Vulture]