If you have never heard of Forever Love, don’t worry—it’s barely on the Internet’s radar either. This experimental movie is actually an adaptation of 12 poems by C.K. Williams, all written and directed by 12 different filmmakers. Now a trailer for the movie has debuted online, and it’s just as nebulous as the premise.

But despite its low profile and shoestring feel, Forever Love actually touts an all-star cast, including James Franco, Mila Kunis, Jessica Chastain, and Zach Braff. Frankly the whole thing almost doesn’t seem real, but it has to be. There is even a listing for it on IMDB under its former title, Tar.

Apparently this movie has been finished for years, but it’s finally due for release some time in 2014. We’re just as confused as you.

[Signature Entertainment via Oh No They Didn’t!]