Yesterday, a federal judge ruled that Wisconsin's ban on same-sex marriage was unconstitutional

NBC News reports that U.S. District Judge Barbara Crabb delivered an 88-page ruling lifting the state's ban on gay marriage. However, NBC News notes that Crabb's ruling has resulted in confusion over whether or not same-sex couples are permitted to get married immediately. Regardless, clerks in both Madison and Milwaukee decided to proceed with weddings: 

Clerks in Madison and Milwaukee planned to start marrying same-sex couples despite disagreement over the effect of the ruling. Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele said he was keeping his courthouse open until 9 p.m. to begin marrying same-sex couples.

In addition, NBC News adds that seven North Dakota couples also filed a lawsuit contesting the state's gay marriage ban, meaning that each of the 30 states with bans in place also have pending cases challenging them.

[via NBC News]

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