Date: June 1 (first video released) and June 4 (second video released)
Where: L.A.

TMZ released a 2009 video of then-15-year-old Justin Bieber using the N-word and making racist jokes on June 1st, and then three days later another video surfaced with him singing about killing black people and being a part of the KKK to the tune of "One Less Lonely Girl." TMZ had allegedly been blackmailing him with the videos for years.

Bieber's reputation was already on the rocks thanks to the performance of a lifetime during his deposition and his generally insolent recent behavior. Still, people were somehow shocked that he had ever behaved and spoke in such a blatantly racist manner and allowed himself to be filmed while doing so. Usher, 50 Cent, Whoopi Goldberg, and Mike Tyson all insisted that Bieber is not racist. He has since apologized.