Spirited debate between two people with contrasting viewpoints happens on television all day, every day. It’s that conflict that makes the program compelling, and what keeps people tuning in.

However, if shows like Meet the Press ended up like this, we would definitely be a lot more interested.

We don’t really know what is going on in terms of content with this video, but we can tell you this much: the show is filmed in Jordan and has a typical news/debate format. Apparently, the gentlemen in the video aren’t even arguing about anything of substance; no, they’re instead simply debating whose turn it is to talk.

Things really escalate quickly, and the host is basically left to just cover his head and hope he isn’t seriously injured. Skip to the 0:40 mark of the video, watch mayhem ensue, and then find out if there’s a way for Americans to subscribe to this channel:

[via UPROXX]