City: Brooklyn
: 354 Metropolitan Ave.

Sustainable eating doesn’t just mean foraging for seeds and drinking questionable homemade kombucha. Despite its fancy German name, Fette Sau (Fat Pig) maintains that down-home allure of barbecue while giving the hippies something to chew on. The Brooklyn-based barbecue joint has a menu that changes daily, but offers several kinds of meats on the regular.

Saucy St. Louis-style pork ribs, a rubbed-down smacked-up pork belly that’s ostensibly the most delicious bacon you’ve ever had, 3-day brined house-cured pastrami, rich Wagyu cheeks, and of course, a fatty, crusted brisket which lends burnt ends to the homemade baked beans. Five different woods from The Woodman smoke the meats, while local farms like Heritage, Creekstone, Berkridge, and more provide the animals who sacrificed their lives for your satisfaction. Wash that temporal guilt away with an American whiskey off Fetta Sau’s extensive list or beer in growlers.