By now, you've likely seen that terrifying GIF depicting someone who appears to be Emma Watson pulling off a latex mask and morphing into Sofia Vergara that's been making the rounds on the Internet. If not, here it is again, to haunt your nightmares.

So, what's the story behind this...this madness? It's not terribly detailed, but here's what happened: YouTube user "curveballbe" posted the following video on March 6, which is basically a lengthier version of the GIF above. No explanation, no lengthy description—just a clip of Emma Watson turning into Sofia Vergara. 

There was one thing written in the description of the clip, though: A link to another (NSFWYouTube video where the clip was taken from, featuring a woman wearing a latex mask/suit to appear as another person. Granted, it's not as realistic as the Emma Watson/Sofia Vergara clip is, but it's clear the artist took the clip from the video, and superimposed Emma Watson's and Sofia Vergara's faces onto it.

As for the talented (look, you can't deny that) YouTube artist? There's no indication of who they are or where they are from on their YouTube account page, but a Google search of their username does return a list of someone who runs a fetish website that specializes in "breast expansion" videos. It's, obviously, NSFW. So...there's that.