Last night, Stephen Colbert returned to The Daily Show to tell both Jon Stewart and the rest of the world that Colbert has “won television” and will be leaving The Colbert Report. Unless you have been sleeping for the last couple weeks, you already know that Colbert will be the next host of The Late Show—replacing the retiring David Letterman next year—so this doesn’t really qualify as news.

After his “announcement,” Colbert offered an extended (and hilarious) glimpse into his future plans to live from "boxcar to boxcar” making stews and traveling with a quirky group of misfits.

It was a terrific, totally random appearance by the former Daily Show correspondent, and in watching the tribute to himself that Colbert showed at the end, loyal viewers will remember fondly just how amazing he was as a field reporter before he moved behind the desk for his own show. There’s even a bonus Steve Carell shot in one of the clips.

Check out the full segment here:

[via UPROXX]