A group of teenagers have been expelled from their Long Island high school following a series of racially insensitive actions.

According to the New York Daily News, four students from St. Anthony's High School in South Huntington, Long Island got the boot for offenses including posing with the confederate flag and wearing blackface. The Daily News says it all began on Apr. 9 when the students brought the Confederate flag into the gym during a handball game. The students responsible were suspended for 10 days, but the problem continued. 

Students were asked to stop fanning the flames on social media by Brother Gary Cregan, the school's principal, but a girl allegedly shared a picture of herself in blackface just days later. That was followed by another girl adding a racially charged comment. 

After deciding that the students were creating a hostile environment, St. Anthony's elected to expel them. Brother Cregan remains concerned that the school's image has been irreparably destroyed. "I do believe that the school's reputation has been damaged from this," he said.

Conversely, some parents believe the punishment was too extreme. It would be interesting to see how they felt if they were being ridiculed and taunted.

[via New York Daily News]