The decision to ask Miss America to the prom during a question and answer session has resulted in a Pennsylvania teen being suspended from school. It's like when Michigan guard Spike Albrecht tried to get at Kate Upton on Twitter after balling out in the NCAA championship game last year, only with actual consequences.

The Associated Press reports that Central York High School Senior Patrick Farves was suspended for three days after asking Nina Davuluri to them prom, then hopping on stage to give her a plastic flower. Davuluri's reaction? Laughter. Fellow students? Cheers. 

However, school officials knew the 18-year-old was planning the stunt and warned him not to go through with it beforehand. Though he's since apologized, he was still suspended. 

He'll always be remembered as a legend, and some girl will be more than willing to be his date in the wake of that infamy.

[via Associated Press]