The premise of a man attempting to do what he has to do to get by in NYC is a classic one, so you've got to appreciate any project that manages to twist it with compelling originality. Case-in-point: The new web series Hard Times from Sundance film festival alumni Tahir Jetter, which follows the story of a man and the depths he goes to in an effort to survive in the city—as in, he begins stripping.

A simple concept at first, but as the trailer for the web series above suggests, the plot actually runs deeper than that: It's not just about a man who starts stripping for extra cash, but it's also about widening income gaps, surviving in the world post-college, and the massive unemployment percentages that have rocked the nation for years. It's commentary, and an important one at that.

If that alone doesn't compel you to check out the series—its also worth noting that its being shot by Daniel Patterson, who just shot Spike Lee's upcoming film Da Sweet Blood of Jesus, in addition to a number of Sundance films. Jetter, who created Hard Times, had his 2011 film Close premiere at Sundance.

You can check out the trailer for Hard Times above, then check out some behind-the-scenes footage over at Indiewire. The series will premiere its first episode tomorrow, April 22nd, and new episodes will be posted bi-weekly over at the Hard Times website, here.