Sony is moving on after it was reported that David Fincher would not be directing the studio’s upcoming Steve Jobs biopic. Now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the studio is in talks with director Danny Boyle to helm the movie, which was written by Aaron Sorkin. In addition to these talks, it has been revealed that Boyle has approached Leonardo DiCaprio about starring as Jobs in the film. 

Boyle has worked with DiCaprio before on The Beach, and there is no doubt that his inclusion in the film would lend the type of credibility to the project that the Ashton Kutcher version lacked. Still, neither Boyle nor DiCaprio have signed deals as of yet, and it remains to be seen if DiCaprio’s schedule would even allow for this. He is also set to begin work on Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu’s new movie, The Revenant, in September.

We’ll have more on this project as details begin to solidify.

[via THR]