Watch Dogs creative director Jonathan Morin has been answering questions about the upcoming open-world hacking shooter on Twitter and this one caught our eye. According to Mr. Morin the new game could take players 35 to 40 hours on a typical play through but doing everything could take about 100 hours.

It's been a growing complaint from gamers who are tired of shelling out cash for what they perceive are relatively short games; six to eight hours in some cases. Well it looks like gamers will get their money's worth if what Morin says is true.

Watch Dogs was delayed last year which gave developers, Ubisoft Montreal, extra time to beef-up the game. The storyline also grabbed it some 18+ ratings as it's known to involve the dark world of human trafficking.

Watch Dogs is set to drop on May 27 for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Windows PC with a much delayed Wii U version still in the pipe for later this year.

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